EQG provides several services to the national industries and also to the transnational companies operating in Mexico upon request.

Our services range from the import and commercialization of raw materials from wide world up to the sale of our ownership products under CUASIPURO® brand.

We also offer technical services including research and development, process optimization, chemical synthesis and separation processes for the chemical processing industry (CPI).

EQG is currently expanding operations, working under exclusive engineering contractor for the Canadian company PIROVAC, for the development of a second plant based on pyrolysis technology for the industrial business area. This will have applications in the fields of biomass, waste tires and waste plastic. It will be the first pyrolysis plant in Mexico, pioneering in the production of alternative fuels. This aligns with EQG’s corporate objective of protecting the environment.

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Specialized plant for distillation and separation processes

Soluciones tecnológicas

Import and

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Soluciones tecnológicas

We work under 4 different modes:

Acquiring waste solvent streams in order to recover the pure solvent under market specifications to sell it as a CAUSIPURO© solvent, an EQG registered trademark.
Distilling the customer’s raw materials to return them, distillated solvents that meet their quality specifications.
Recovering solvents to give them a new use distinct from their original purpose.
Recovering solvents that when mixed, can be used as alternative fuels.

EQG Plant is a a specialized Industry in solvent recovery. It is equipped with specialized distillation equipment and handled a wide range of separation technologies. Our portfolio includes the following types of distillation:

  • Fractional
  • Azeotropic
  • Steam Stripping
  • Vacuum Distillation
The Plant is also equipped with specialized separation processes equipment, for a range of separation technologies:

  • Evaporation
  • Crystallization
  • Filtration

Our specialized trade department, imports raw materials of the highest quality, to be consumed by the local chemical and pharma-chemical industries. We import materials from North America (USA and Canada) and Asia (Japan and China). Our foreign suppliers are internationally recognized firms, leaders in their field.

In addition to the merchandizing of our import products, EQG also offers its own line of In-house distilled products under the brand CUASIPURO©.

The new facilities of EQG Plant were built to support the production plant. With a new quality control and R&D Lab, as well as a new facilities building, we guarantee the efficient operation of our separation processes.